Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Minions Party

My littlest girl wanted a Minion birthday party for her third birthday. I was very excited about this because it had a very specific color scheme (blue and yellow) and I felt like I could easily make Minions out of all sorts of things (goggly eyes everywhere!). Its always easier for me to have a theme and some structure to follow.

I made all my banners out of real denim (Minions wear denim overalls) and I used buttons you'd find on jeans in between each pennant. The pictures don't do them justice! I made a 'Happy Birthday' banner, 'Banana' banner, and my favorite one said ' Despicable 3' since my daughter was turning 3!

And this denim fringe banner was my favorite! I made it with leftover denim from the other banners and yellow ribbon from Dollar Tree. It was very heavy though (denim), so I could not hang it in front of my table like I originally planned.

It was very easy and fun to take anything round and yellow and add goggles onto it to make it into a Minion too. I had purchased goggles from Wal-mart in the Minion party section for $1.79 for 8 goggles  (I think they are meant to be worn by guests, but I used them to make easy decor).

Goggles on yellow paper plates.

Goggles on yellow hanging lanterns.

I made these cute Minions out of vases I had laying around and yellow and dark blue confetti from Dollar Tree. My almost-3-year-old helped me make these, they were easy and fun to do together. I added goggles that I had made myself with goggly-eyes from the craft store and Cricut-cut circles and black ribbon. 

(We also celebrated my almost 5-year-olds birthday with family too. Hence the number 5...)

These little round vases worked well too.

My very favorite thing I turned into a Minion for this party was my front door. We have a yellow front door (which I LOVE all year round!) but I was so excited to turn it into a Minion. I used giant googly-eyes that I bought from Target and cut out large circles and some black poster board. 
Front door Minion.

I picked up some Minion Easter buckets the day AFTER Easter for cheap and saved them for centerpieces. I filled it with extra blue confetti and had it on a denim square on my table.

The other side of my centerpiece was a framed printable of "Party Rules" which is from Despicable Me. I just put it in a frame I had laying around for something else and it turned it out so cute!

I also used some of the Easter buckets to put bags of potato chips in.

Now onto to my favorite part of every party......THE FOOD!

Minion food was way fun. You can add goggly-eyes and make a lot of food look like a Minion. But first things first, Minions favorite food are BANANAS!

So of course, we had bananas and a sign that says 'BANANA'.

And banana shaped candy.

These popcorn cups were very cheap to make, maybe $3 total. And easy with my trusty hot glue gun.
Glue eyes onto gray circles, glue onto cup. Draw mouth, goggle line, and hair with black sharpie. 

And Minion pudding cups. Hot glue eyes/circles onto pudding cups. Black sharpie to draw goggle line.

Twinkies! I printed off a free printable and taped around each Twinkie.

And these little pretzel Minion eyes things (I don't know what to call them...) were adorable and delicious. It just yellow chocolate melts and Wilton candy eyes. I put the chocolate melt on the pretzel, microwaved for 25 seconds and then placed the eye in the center. let cool and enjoy! It was the perfect combo of chocolate and salty.

Then I made this yummy 'Minion Mix'. Its like Trail Mix but without the gross stuff (I guess the only comparison to Trail Mix are the M&Ms)

Minion Mix:
Muddy Buddies
Minion Graham Crackers
Candy Eyes
Yellow and Blue M&Ms

And Despicable Me fruit snacks! Huge hit with the kids and easy! ( I put the fruit snacks in a cute Minion lunch tin to display)

I used Cotton Candy for Unicorn Fur, in reference to the first Despicable Me movie where the little girl squeezes the stuffed unicorn toy and shouts "It's so FLUFFY!" I made my 'Its so fluffy' sign on a pocket leftover from my denim banners.

White Powdered Donut Holes were 'Shrunken Moons' in reference to Gru trying to steal the moon in the first movie also.

I told my husband I was going to make a cake myself, and he told me I couldn't so it and that it would be too hard. So, I had to prove him wrong ;)
 Cake was super easy. I just made a store-bought boxed cake (I have many skills, baking is not one of them). Let it cool and decorated it like a Minion. Yellow and blue frosting, black frosting and 2 Golden Oreos and some candy eyes. It was fairly simple and easy and didm't take much time.

Store-bought yellow and blue frosted cupcakes. I added some Minion tummies that I found in the cake decorating aisle.

I felt that we really needed some fruit to counter-act all the treats. So I made a Minion out of pineapple and blueberries. He was super cute and tasty.


I forgot to get a picture of this drink dispenser when it was completely filled and all yellow, but you get the idea... I used those goggles I had bought in the pack on him.

I put Yellow and Blue Fantas in a bin to drink too. 

And I had candy everywhere! Blue and yellow candy all over my treat tables.

 And Minion Tic-tacs! They are adorable! Each little tic-tac looks like a Minion, so detailed. And they are banana flavored!

Photo props (store-bought) and party favors-Minion sticker sheets and Minion pencils. And pics of my kids when they had either met a Minion or in their Minion Halloween costumes.

Minion PiƱata out in the yard!

This big-stuffed Birthday Minion was $18 at Walmart. He was really cute in all my photos with people.

Also, a handy trick for hanging balloons is to use Command Balloon Bunchers. You can do balloons in bunches of 3's, they stay put, look nice, and I used to always get frustrated with hanging balloons on walls- they never stay! I also save them and reuse the actual plastic Balloon Buncher piece, you just need extra Command sticky parts to hang them later (and those are easy to come by).

This party was so fun! I got a ton of compliments and I enjoyed doing all of it! My little girl had a blast and still talks about her Minion Birthday Party.

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