Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Centerpieces


Now normally I post about my parties after the party (and by after, its usually months to years after the party). But right now I am planning my youngest daughter's 1st birthday party and I am making everything for it myself, so I thought it would be easier (and more fun) to post as I go. And this way I can give you detailed directions so that you can duplicate this stuff yourself for your own parties (and so I can remember how I did stuff in case I want to do something similar again in the future too.)

My theme for this party is going to be The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a classic children's book by Eric Carle. I am so excited about it and so far everything has been super easy ( I am a crafting novice) and has turned out really cute. I can't wait to see how everything comes together for the actual party!

Right now I am finishing up my table centerpieces. Here are some examples so far:

In the book the caterpillar pops out of his egg and is very hungry, Each day of the week he eats a different fruit and a different quantity. Monday he eats through one apple, Tuesday he eats two pears, Wednesday he eats three plums, etc.... And on Saturday he eats tons of things; a pickle, Swiss cheese, ice cream cone, chocolate cake, and more. My favorite thing about my centerpieces is that they each have a picture of my daughter eating the particular food item. It was so fun to take all these pictures and I learned about some new favorite foods she has now, like plums.
In addition to the picture of her eating the food, I made Cricut (Preserves and Sweet Treats cartridges) cut-outs of each item too. I made four strawberries for Thursday (because the caterpillar eats through 4 strawberries) and only two pears for Tuesday, and so on. And I have a calendar background with the day of the week circled. The dot border I used is straight from the book, it is an Eric Carle bulletin board border that I cut down. You can buy the border on or at any teacher/classroom store. And of course I needed a caterpillar on each centerpiece, so I added a caterpillar sticker to each side of my centerpieces (they are double-sided). I got the stickers from my local dollar store, but they are also available on too.
They were really easy to make, here is my breakdown:
I glued a printable calendar to a manila file folder. I got these from the dollar store, $1.00 for a pack of 10. I circled the appropriate day of the week.

I added the Eric Carle border along the outside.

If a little manila is still showing, its okay. I covered up anything weird with the picture of my daughter or the food cut-outs.

I added a caterpillar sticker. Sometimes it was placed randomly or sometimes I used the stickers to cover up mistakes.
I cut down some of the manila file folder and put it on the bottom so that the centerpiece could stand up. They are all doubled-sided, so that the guests on all sides of the table see cuteness.
My plan is to display the centerpiece in the center (well, obviously) of the table. I will have green tablecloths with a dotted runner or napkin square under this centerpiece. In front I will have caterpillar candy lei's (like the one above). Here is my post for a how-to for making the caterpillar candy lei's . I did eight round tables and all the centerpieces were different; Monday-1 apple, Tuesday-2 pears, Wednesday-3 plums, Thursday-4 strawberries, Friday-5 oranges, and then I picked a few of the food items from Saturday (based on Cricut cartridges I had readily available and/or food I felt like giving my kid for her centerpiece photo-shoots) -watermelon, lollipop, and cupcake.

And I did have some mess-ups and/or made some extra fruit and food cut-outs that couldn't be used on my centerpieces, so I strung them together into this super cute decorative food banner

You can see how I made all my banners here:



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