Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Minnie Mouse Sucker Centerpiece

This Minnie Mouse centerpiece was so fun! It was pretty easy and was about $20 to make too!

Dum-Dum Suckers ( I used 2 big bags of suckers, but I also didn't use any of the green, orange, or weird ones that didn't match my 'theme'). - $6/bag

1 bigger Styrofoam/foam ball - $1/Dollar Store

2 smaller Styrofoam/foam balls - $5, the Dollar Store was out of these, but check there before the craft store.

About 3-4 kabob sticks, or other stick, broke in half.

Ribbon, tied into a bow and hot-glued to a greening pin. (You could glue the bow directly to a sucker on the Minnie, but I wanted to reuse it for another party later)

I placed this on a big vase I already had and I filled the vase with colored shredded paper/confetti from the Dollar Store - $3

Stick the suckers in the big foam ball first. Just put them near each other and keep going. I left a space where the ears would go. Then I did the same with the small foam balls, leaving a space where they would connect. Then I used the kabob stick to "attach" the ears to the head. Placed it on the vase, and set it on my treat table.

FYI: Kids will eat the suckers, just so you know :)

After the Minnie's Bow-tique Party, I took the ears off, filled in any missing suckers, changed my vase filling and got a mason jar, and made two new centerpieces for my 4-year-old's Pajama and Pancake party. (Check out the whole party here )

Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Party

 My 2 daughters are 22 1/2 months apart, which means their birthdays fall 6 weeks apart. This year they are turning 2 and 4 years old and I decided to have a combined birthday party for them for all our family and our close friends/pseudo-family. (My 4-year-old had another party with her little friends closer to her actual birthday too). I also promised Husband that this year I would go low-key and mellow with the kids' birthday parties, so I did (sorta). I didn't spend a plot of money at all and I didn't spend a ton of time on this party either, most of the fun was really in the food. And people have to eat, right?!

I needed a theme that appealed to both girls, and since my littlest is OBSESSED with Minnie and my older one loves all things Disney, Minnie Mouse Bow-tique seemed perfect. It was nice because then I could do all things Minnie/Mickey Clubhouse and Bows and all things with Bows.

This Minnie Mouse made out of Dum-Dum suckers is my favorite thing I made for this party. I thought it turned it out cute and it made a great centerpiece. For an easy how-to for this adorable centerpiece go here:

 And I reused this for my 4-year-old's Pajama and Pancake Party too!

Every party needs a fun dessert and treat table. Keep scrolling down for details on the food. The food was the most fun part of this party.

This table was near the front and had Minnie and Mickey ears for everyone. It also had props for the photo wall, and some framed pictures of my girls with Minnie Mouse (and other characters) in Disneyland and Disneyworld.

The food was so fun and really the main "decorations" of the party. It was all themed and so fun for the kids, and even for some of the adults too.

I don't know why, but I was so in love with how my plate settings turned out! Black paper plates, small black plates, and black bowls (all from the Dollar Store!). I wrapped some plastic utensils in a pink napkin and wrapped a pink ribbon around it to make it look like a bow. Then I set it up to look like Minnie! I had this set up on each end of my food buffet/bar.

And the fun thing was, these stayed like this through out the whole party because honestly no one needed a small plate (not in my family...) or a bowl at anytime.

Mickey's CLUBHOUSE Sandwiches
And of course, the cheese is all cut into Mickeys (with a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter).

Hot-Diggity-Dog Bar
Grilled hotdogs with all the fixins'. Chilli, cheese sauce, grated cheese, diced tomatoes and onions, yellow peppers, ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.

Plutato Chips and Gooey Goofy Dip
Potato chips and dip, of course

Toodles Bow-tie Noodles
(I also thought of just calling Minnie's Bow-tie Pasta, but I wanted to use Toodles somewhere.)
Bow-tie pasta salad (Bowtie pasta, halved cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, carrots, celery, mini pepperoni, cubed cheese, red onion and I used creamy Italian dressing this time-which was very popular...)

Donald's Cheese and Quakers
Cheese and crackers, but set up on one large black platter and 2 small black plates to look like Mickey!

Daisy's Garden Veggies
Of course, also displayed like Mickey with the black platter and small plates.

Pluto's Punch

Minnie's Bows
 These were fun! But my littlest one was eating them faster than I could make them! Each bow is 2 strawberries (I tried to get them similarly sized), 1 grape, and 1-2 toothpicks holding each "bow" together.

Minnie Cupcake and Minnie Mouse Brownies

These cupcakes were a favorite of the kids! I just made regular cupcakes, frosted them and then topped each one with a regular Oreo and 2 Mini-Oreos. After I made them, my almost 4-year-old told me that they had to be Minnies, not Mickeys and they all needed bows... She did say that about everything, but the cupcakes were easy to add a bow to ( the cheese slices, not so much). I had some heart candies and I just frosted the ends together to look like a bow.

Mickey Brownies
I used the Mickey cookie-cutter to cut Mickey's out of a sheet of brownies. I was going to add the heart-candy bows to the brownies too, but ran out of time and ambition and just sprinkled them on the tray instead. It looked cute and the kids love eating the candy through-out the party.

 Mikey Pretzel Melts
These were fun and surprisingly (or not?) very yummy too.

Square/Grid pretzels
Regular M&M's
Mini M&M's
Candy Melts (I sued pink since I couldn't add a bow)
I put a Candy Melt on each square pretzel (about 15 at a time) and put them in the oven for 10 minutes at about 275 degrees. (I tried the microwave, didn't work as well).

When I pulled they out, I put one regular M&M and two Mini-M&M's on each pretzel. If I had too many on the tray, they would cool too soon.

Figaro's Gooey Fish
Colored Swedish Fish

I got the big Minnie Mouse baskets after Easter for under $5 at Kmart and Walmart. I also got the Minnie buckets on-sale after Easter too.

I made this Happy Birthday banner with my Cricut. I used the Mickey Font cartridge that I bought brand-new off Ebay for only $16.

 I also made all these signs with the same cartridge.

"Thanks for stopping by!"
 "We've got ears, say cheers!"

"Come inside, it's fun inside"
I put the "Come inside, it's fun inside" on a fun balloon wreath that I put on the front door. For a how-to on how you can make your own cute birthday balloon wreath for ANY party, go here:

I bought these cute things at Wal-mart and Target, but they were available at every retail store in the Minnie Bow-tique party section. There were cute hanging ball lanterns with bow-ears and then on the wall was a fun photo-backdrop wall, it even came with fun Minnie's Bow-tique props. Both of these items were about $8, and much easier and cheaper than me trying to make something like this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Birthday Balloon Wreath

I made this adorable Birthday Balloon Wreath originally for my daughters' Minnie Mouse Bow-tique birthday party, (check out the whole Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Party here: ) but it has since turned into the Birthday Wreath that we have used for every birthday and party at our house. 

I also used it for my oldest daughter's Pancakes and Pajamas Party, check out that whole party here:

It was really easy to make and it's been easy to add to it for each party. 
P.S. It cost less than $20 for the whole thing....

All you need is a foam/Styrofoam wreath. I got mine from the dollar store. GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE FIRST! This was $1 compared to $6-$7 at the craft store for the exact same thing.

I used 6 bags of balloons (20 to a bag, but I'm sure you can buy a larger too.)

 1 1/2 packs of greening pins.

Ribbon to hang the wreath, and maybe hang signs from the wreath too.

 Now the back of the wreath won't show, so I didn't worry about putting balloons there (my almost 4 year-old was very concerned about it though...). But if you do care, you can wrap ribbon around the wreath before pinning the balloons.

 Push the greening pin in the center of 2 balloons.

Fold the balloons in half.
Push into the Styrofoam. Continue until the wreath is full.

I added little signs hanging from the wreath that said "Come Inside, It's Fun Inside" for the Minnie's Bow-tique Party and a Minnie Mouse face on the wreath too. For a Pancake and Pajamas Party I added a "Good Morning" sign and a donut cut-out on the wreath too.

(This picture was taken at night, we'd almost forgot about it till the end of the party)

To see more about the Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Party, go here:

And for a how-to on this cute Minnie Mouse Sucker Centerpiece, go here: