Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Minnie Mouse Sucker Centerpiece

This Minnie Mouse centerpiece was so fun! It was pretty easy and was about $20 to make too!

Dum-Dum Suckers ( I used 2 big bags of suckers, but I also didn't use any of the green, orange, or weird ones that didn't match my 'theme'). - $6/bag

1 bigger Styrofoam/foam ball - $1/Dollar Store

2 smaller Styrofoam/foam balls - $5, the Dollar Store was out of these, but check there before the craft store.

About 3-4 kabob sticks, or other stick, broke in half.

Ribbon, tied into a bow and hot-glued to a greening pin. (You could glue the bow directly to a sucker on the Minnie, but I wanted to reuse it for another party later)

I placed this on a big vase I already had and I filled the vase with colored shredded paper/confetti from the Dollar Store - $3

Stick the suckers in the big foam ball first. Just put them near each other and keep going. I left a space where the ears would go. Then I did the same with the small foam balls, leaving a space where they would connect. Then I used the kabob stick to "attach" the ears to the head. Placed it on the vase, and set it on my treat table.

FYI: Kids will eat the suckers, just so you know :)

After the Minnie's Bow-tique Party, I took the ears off, filled in any missing suckers, changed my vase filling and got a mason jar, and made two new centerpieces for my 4-year-old's Pajama and Pancake party. (Check out the whole party here )

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