Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Birthday Balloon Wreath

I made this adorable Birthday Balloon Wreath originally for my daughters' Minnie Mouse Bow-tique birthday party, (check out the whole Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Party here: ) but it has since turned into the Birthday Wreath that we have used for every birthday and party at our house. 

I also used it for my oldest daughter's Pancakes and Pajamas Party, check out that whole party here:

It was really easy to make and it's been easy to add to it for each party. 
P.S. It cost less than $20 for the whole thing....

All you need is a foam/Styrofoam wreath. I got mine from the dollar store. GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE FIRST! This was $1 compared to $6-$7 at the craft store for the exact same thing.

I used 6 bags of balloons (20 to a bag, but I'm sure you can buy a larger too.)

 1 1/2 packs of greening pins.

Ribbon to hang the wreath, and maybe hang signs from the wreath too.

 Now the back of the wreath won't show, so I didn't worry about putting balloons there (my almost 4 year-old was very concerned about it though...). But if you do care, you can wrap ribbon around the wreath before pinning the balloons.

 Push the greening pin in the center of 2 balloons.

Fold the balloons in half.
Push into the Styrofoam. Continue until the wreath is full.

I added little signs hanging from the wreath that said "Come Inside, It's Fun Inside" for the Minnie's Bow-tique Party and a Minnie Mouse face on the wreath too. For a Pancake and Pajamas Party I added a "Good Morning" sign and a donut cut-out on the wreath too.

(This picture was taken at night, we'd almost forgot about it till the end of the party)

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