Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Interesting Facts about Uranus....In the Bathroom

Husband and I built our dream home last fall. We moved in mid-December, so we've now been in it almost 3 months!!! It was a crazy, fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful adventure! We also got rid of (most) all of our furniture and décor and started fresh in the new house. Also, fun, exciting, and sometimes stressful (i.e. expensive...). I will post most of the rooms we have done, but I am going to start here with the bathroom. And not even the master bath or anything, but our main level bathroom. I know, I'm weird.
The reason I'm posting this room first is because I think I am clever and funny (Ha ha.) I saw the sign below in a Jimmy Johns bathroom. I thought it was very funny. Because it talks about Uranus, the planet, and its in the bathroom. And even though it only ever mentions Uranus, the planet, I can't help but think of something else that sounds similar and is funny and immature bathroom humor....

My bathroom is decorated in yellow and gray chevron. I wanted the bathroom to be cute, fun, and done in bright colors since the tile, counters, and walls are very light and neutral.

The bathroom set is from Wal-mart. Seriously. I went to every nice home, linen, and décor store and looked online too and then stumbled upon this at good, ole Wal-mart. It was cheap too.  

All that was missing from my fun, bright bathroom was a cute sign with interesting facts about Uranus in coordinating colors.

Size 16x20

(Sorry some of these are not the best quality photos)

 I found Joyful Art Designs shop on Etsy and asked her if she could make the original sign from Jimmy Johns but cute for me. You can find her for yourself at:

She designed a digital print for me in a 16x20 size. I uploaded the digital copy she sent me to my local Costco and I had it printed on a nice canvas. It turned out way better than I ever thought it would. I have now discovered a great new way to create my own unique wall art. (I was originally going to get it printed on nice paper and get it framed, but I couldn't find a yellow 16x20 wall frame like my brain originally envisioned. )

I get a lot of compliments and chuckles for my Interesting Facts about Uranus wall sign. Its a great conversation starter during the parties we have too, so I wanted to share it. Have fun with this and learn something new about the seventh planet from the Sun.

Digital Art designed by: Olivia Snyder, Joyful Art Designs


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my shop on your blog! I LOVE how it looks in your bathroom! I love gray and yellow! It was fun making that.

    1. Thank you! We get so many comments on it, every one loves it!

  2. Great info! I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have.