Monday, April 13, 2015

Wedding Veil Favors and Decor for Bridal Showers and Bachleorette Parties

One of my best friends is getting married on Saturday! I am a Bridesmaid so I have had the honor of helping with the wedding and throwing her some fun parties! I briefly wrote about her Cinderella Bridal Shower already, but I wanted to make another quick post about some cute favors I made for her Bachelorette Party over the weekend.

This whole idea started because I originally wanted little flasks for all the girls, but that is very expensive. So then I wanted little empty mini bottles and was going to fill them up myself, but that also seemed expensive and my friend Amy didn't like the idea of giving 17 girls 3 oz. of booze each to carry around in their purse... And then we decided that water is more of a necessity during Bachelorette Party shenanigans.

These were so cute. All I used was white tulle (from the dollar-store), white ribbon (dollar-store), and I found the little dresses at the dollar-store. I would have cute a dress out from the Cricut paper cutter too, or you just do the veil alone on any bottle and it'd be adorable! And a hot-glue gun. I'm really into my hot glue gun these days....

 The little bottle in the front is full of Bourbon, that one was for the Bride.

We also made little survival kits for the all the girls at the party full of everything you might need on a night out: band-aids (which we used quite a few of), hair-tie holders, ibuprofen, mints, granola bars, etc. and we put a crystal light energy packet in each bag too to go in the water.

These would be cute at a Bridal Shower too, even at a wedding. Or you could just add the veil and/or dress to little mini-bottles of alcohol too. Or anything. Lotions, soap, etc.

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