Friday, July 10, 2015

Cinderella Bridal Shower: How-to Crafts and Decor

I wanted to do another post about the Cinderella Bridal Shower I threw a few months back. I wanted to give some directions for some of the some of the fun things I made. The original post is here:

First thing, is these adorable little mice! They were easy and fun! And delicious!

Hershey Kisses
Googly Eyes
Pink Paper
Hot Glue
Pink Marker (I used a highlighter)
Cut the pink paper into ears. Mine were long, with one rounded end (kind like a half oval). I hot-glued 2 Kisses together with the ears in between them, round end sticking out. Then hot-glue the googly eyes and color the Hershey Kiss tag pink, for the tail. I also cut off the tag near the nose too.
I also put the extra Kisses I had in little blue organza bags from the Dollar Store, along with some cut-outs form princess scrapbook paper I had. These made adorable party favors to take home with the little chocolate mice.

 And the mice were a cute addition in the cheese too!

I bought these 'glass' slippers off the Internet. Some website, they were about $10 for 24 slippers. And then after the party, my kids kept a couple and I used a few for a mini-golf course that I made for a wedding (that's a whole 'nother post...), and then I sold the remaining 'glass' slippers on a Facebook Yard Sale site for $10. I filled them with gold, white, and blue Sixlets.

These paper fan clocks were really fun and easy too. I have them set at midnight, for when Cinderella has to get home form the ball.

 First, make paper fans. You can easily make these fans for all sorts of d├ęcor for any kind of party. They can be made big or small, hanging down or taped to a wall. Even small and on a stick.
 1. Accordion fold the paper long way.

 2. After folding, fold it in half and secure the 2 sides that are touching together. Staple, hot-glue, tape. I just recently discovered hot-glue (I know, crazy!) and it is the fastest for this. Then the stapler.
3. Do this with 4 pieces of paper. Then attach them together like the below formation.

4. Cut out a circle of paper in a different color and hot-glue to the center of the circle. Do this for any decorative fan, it makes it look better and neater. Then for this particular project I cut out arrow/hands and pointed them to midnight!

And these gold and silver tooth picks were fun and cute for the meat and cheese tray! I got them off Amazon for about $4 and I have used them for many others parties since.

I made these adorable 'pumpkins' with clementines and celery!

And the main dish were these delicious Mini Ham Cup Omelets

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