Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Husband's Graduation Party

My amazing Husband graduated from college in the Spring. I wanted to throw him a party to celebrate all his hard work. I chose the have a "Preschool/Grade School" Theme for his party. I thought it would be fun and cute to remember our youthful school days now that we're 30ish with jobs and kids and spouses.

I covered all the tables with butcher paper. I used a dark green color because that was the school color of his university. I spread crayons out on all the tables so guests could color, draw, and write Husband congratulatory messages.

Also, to keep with the little kid/preschool theme I had bottles of bubbles all over so people (especially the kids) could blow bubbles and I had sidewalk chalk spread out all over the sidewalk for more drawing and well-wishes.

I had bowls of Smarties candy on all my tables too. Get it, Smarties?? Because it sure takes a real Smartie to graduate form college (yeah, I know, that was pretty lame.)

I used little wipe boards on easel stands with congratulation messages and school themes (ABC's and 123s)  for some centerpieces. And I had balloons all around the party in my husband's school colors and I had a big Congrats Grad sign on my front lawn in the school colors too. I am seriously lacking pictures of a lot of this party's decor. However, I do have pictures of Husband getting awesome gifts though....

For the record, my husband is very interested in women. He has a great group of  friends that are very clever and love gag gifts.

But my favorite thing I did for his graduation party were these cute little graduation hats...

These pictures don't do them justice! They are so freaking cute! And easy to make, since I am generally not a crafty person. All you need to make them are Reese's Miniature Cups, Elmer's Glue, black cardstock, fuzzy yarn (preferably in the school's colors), and a hole punch (optional. I just cut little circles out with scissors since I lost my hole punch).

Cut out 2 inch X 2 inch squares of black cardstock. Glue onto smaller part of Reese's cup. Glue yarn on top in middle. Glue small black circle on top of where you glued the yarn. Let dry. Voila!!

Some other ideas for a Preschool Theme Graduation Party are:

  • Serve sack lunches for your party food
  • Letter blocks on tables
  • "A" is for Apple, "C" is for Cookie, etc. cards to describe your food
  • Use chalkboard paint to make some cute centerpieces you can write on

I just want to finish off by saying (again) CONGRATULATIONS HUSBAND ON BEING A COLLEGE GRADUATE!! WOOT-WOOT!!!

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