Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adrienne's Bridal Shower

My best friend Adrienne recently got married. I was one of her Maid of Honors (technically, its a Matron of Honor since I'm married, but no on really cares about that anyway.) Now Adrienne had been with her fiance for awhile and they had already been living together for a long time. And they have everything. But really, everything. The stuff that makes you say "Who owns stuff like this??" You know stuff like a convenient store professional grade hot dog roller, a sand volleyball court, a giant walk-in safe (and a giant walk-in hidden pantry), a deep-fryer (the big kind, the one you use to deep fry your Thanksgiving turkey), beer on tap that is kitty-corner from the popcorn maker, and they have like, 12 dogs. They did not need anything.

How was I supposed to throw my best friend a nice bridal shower? Toasters, gravy boats, butter dishes, and other standard bridal shower gifts were not needed at their house. They had all that stuff, right alongside their dragster race car.

So we decided to throw Adrienne a 'Pamper the Bride Shower'. After all, planning a wedding is incredibly stressful and what Bride doesn't need some pampering?

I sell a line of beauty/make up/skin care products called Beauticontrol. And when I say sell, I really mean I get a discount on products for myself and my friends. This was the basis of our Pamper the Bride shower. If you want to do something similar to this for a friend, you can call me and I will gladly show up at your party with all my spa and make-up products and do an awesome spa party, or you can call a local Beauticontrol consultant in your area (or a consultant from a competing make-up and spa product MLM could work too).

On the invites, we told the guests that they could bring a gift that would pamper the Bride or they could get her something off her wish list at the shower. This is nice for guests because they don't have to shop for a gift, wrap something, or plan ahead. No one really likes to plan ahead or be prepared. And this is nice for the Bride because she gets stuff she actually needs and wants, she just picks out the things she wants ahead of time. This idea can be used for other types of showers too; Pampered Chef, Tupperware, erotic toys, etc.

At the shower I did a spa party. We put on face masks, foot cream and special socks, eye pads, hand treatments, lip treatments, neck wraps and all sorts of other fun things you could only do with a bunch of girls. We pampered the Bride and all the guests too. And its super fun to get pictures of all your friends looking silly.

The party decor was super cute too. (I wish I had more pictures, I really need to get better at documenting my cuteness.) I used the Bride's wedding colors, coral and champagne for everything. I put coral(ish) roses on the tables as centerpieces, coral and champagne tablecloths, napkins and plates. My favorite thing was my party favor table.

This table was set up with cute spa items that the guests could take home. I put nail files, lip gloss, lip balms, bath loofahs, hair ties, nail polishes, and scented candles out on the tables with gift bags to fill up. I had a lot of fun getting this all put together.

We didn't really play any silly shower games. We only did one (sort of) game, and its one of my favorites. While the Bride is opening up gifts, we wrote down everything she said. Then when all the presents are opened, we read the things she said out loud as "Things that will be said on the wedding night" (this also works at baby showers as "Things said on the night of conception").  We got some great ones at Adrienne's shower, some of my favorites were:

"I'll have Terra write you a thank you card for that"
"Can I use this as a pot holder?"
"You'll be so jealous when you all have severe carpal tunnel and I don't" (I think this was in reference to some sort of hand mixer... Yes, she got some random kitchen items too, it wouldn't really be a true bridal shower without at least one.)

I wish I could remember more right now, but it was really funny. And it was cute to see people get creative and really try to find gifts that would Pamper the Bride.

And what other Bride would open all her gifts while wearing a face mask? Such a good sport! I love you Adrienne, and congrats to you and Jeff! I wish nothing but the best to you both!

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