Friday, May 23, 2014

Pink Lemonade Birthday Party

My daughter was born on my mother's birthday and my daughter's first birthday was also my mother's 50th birthday! Both are very special birthdays, so I decided to combine the birthday party! However, my mom had no idea that the party was for her too and was very surprised when she showed up and saw that it was her 50th birthday celebration too.

I decided to go with a Pink Lemonade theme. That gave me lots of options; everything pink and yellow and lots of lemons! Very cute!

Pink and yellow tablecloths, candy, cookies, and Pinkalicious and The Pink Drink

This was my cute dessert table that was inside the house. I am in love with my cakes, which were created by Sprinklebelle Cakes (in Utah)  I had a 2-tiered main cake with pink ombre ruffles and 2 smash cakes; one for my 1-year-old daughter and I got my 50-year-old Mom her very own smash cake!

I was so in love with my cakes!!! Adorable and so delicious too!

These were some of my centerpieces. I filled mason jars with assorted pink and yellow candies, put some twine around the top, and stuck fun sticks in them! I had different  '1' s and '50's, lemons, and of course everything was pink and yellow!

I also used every other cute jar, candy dish, bowl, and serving ware I had to display my cute pink and yellow candy. I used colored ribbon or the twine on everything.


Cookies too! Pink wafers and iced lemon cookies. And frosted cookies too!
I made tons of these cute pinwheels! I just used all sorts of different pink and yellow printed scrapbook paper. I hung them outside from our canopy covers and taped them inside around my dessert table. (Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures of my outside! My tables and centerpieces were so cute too.)

I had these cute signs to welcome guests and for the gift tables. I had to separate the 1-year-old's gifts from her 50-year-old Grandma's birthday gifts. SunLithographing (In Utah) printed these up. They are always amazing. And my super talented friend Adrienne designed them for me.
Adorable water bottle labels! Also printed by SunLitho and designed by Adrienne.

 In Korea the first birthday is a huge deal! They place several items in front of the child; dollar bill(wealth and fortune), pen (excellent writer), a book (good student), and piece of yarn (long life) and whatever the child chooses will predict their future as an adult. My daughter chose the pen first, then headed over to the book. Looks like we have a scholastic on our hands! We gave the same choices to my Mom, she chose the dollar (that's no surprise if you know her....)
 Highchair Time!

My daughter was so excited to have her smash cake!
The highchair had a cute banner that read "I am 1". The highchair banner, happy birthday banners, and centerpiece pieces were all made by GiggleBees Etsy shop. She did a great job.

The cute headband and happy birthday ribbon came from the dollar store. Sometimes I forget about how awesome the dollar can be, especially for party supplies! Oh and her adorable shirt! The number 1 with lemons! My daughter's birthday outfit came from LadyBugsDragonflies Etsy shop. And of course Grandma needed a special birthday shirt too, it was her special celebration also!



Pink and yellow napkins and plastic ware. And of course......

I can't even begin to document everything I did for this fun party. I love how everything turned out and I had so much fun putting this whole party together. I also want to thank my amazing husband and my friend Adrienne, who both helped soooooo much!
Photo credit: PB&J Photos by Jaime


  1. Love your party! I am planning a pink lemonade party for my little girl's first birthday too. Yours has given me lots of ideas and I love, love, love the cakes! Where did you get the lemon paper cut outs?

    1. Hi! Thank you! The Pink Lemonade theme was so much fun, you have so many options! I got the lemon cut-outs from an Etsy shop She did a great job with my décor! Let me know if you need anything else!