Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party

I did a super fun Very Hungry Catterpillar Party for my daughter's 1st Birthday! I loved everything about it, it was so much fun for me (and hopefully for her too!) My last few posts are how-to's for different things from the party. This post will be shorter, just refer to the other posts for more information.

Here are the tables. I loved them and all the centerpieces have cute photos of my birthday girl eating whatever the Hungry Caterpillar ate. Check out this post for how I made the centerpieces:

 I also had these candy caterpillars on the tables too. They are similar to the candy lei's you would make for a graduation or something too, but in a caterpillar shape instead of a necklace. Check out this post for how-to make the candy lei:

This was my condiment, napkin, and paper plates table. I also had this cute paper plate caterpillar decoration here, but you can put him anywhere or use him as a fun centerpiece too. I also had a fill-a-bowl full of all the fruit the caterpillar eats and  some of my food and plasticware on this table too. Here is a link for how-to make the paper plate caterpillar :

My food table! This was the most fun part because I did all the food that the caterpillar eats in the book. Check out a break-down of all my cute food here


 My how-to for the lollipop holder box is here:

I made all my banners myself with the Cricut paper cutter, and for the most part I just used the cartridges that came with it. Follow this link for simple instructions for all my banners:


I loved this big caterpillar floormat under the highchair!

 "One Sunday morning the sun came up, and POP out of the egg came a tiny, very hungry caterpillar"
 I used this giant sun balloon to represent the sun that is in the Eric Carle books, specifically at the beginning of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And I used a butterfly piƱata to represent the butterfly that the caterpillar turns into. I also had butterfly nets for the kids to play with too.

I also had a 'craft' table for the kids too. It was full of The Very Hungry Caterpillar printable pages to color, boxes of crayon,  Very Hungry Caterpillar stickers, erasers, pencils, etc. (I found 7-piece pencil bag and stationary kits form the dollar section at Target). I found the free printable from

I also had plenty of sidewalk chalk and bubbles for the kids to play with.
My cakes are from



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    1. I want to say that I got the polka dot all over table cloth from Walmart...? I'd picked up a few from target and stuff, but I'm pretty sure the Walmart one was the best match that I went ahead and actually used. And it was cheap.