Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

We have a special little Elf at our house around the holidays, his name is Ooooooh (that's what you get when a 2-year-old names the family Elf.....). Last year was our first year doing the Elf on the Shelf, it was so much fun but I can see how coming up with ideas for the Elf for the next X-amount of years could be difficult, so I wanted to share some of my ideas with others here because I appreciate when others do the same. (I apologize for the poor quality of photos, most are from my old phone).

The following are some Elf on the Shelf ideas that I thought were really fun and were just done with things that were readily lying around the house.

To find some quick and easy last minute Elf ideas, follow this link:

And for some fun Elf on the Shelf ideas where the Elf brings a treat, gift, or toy you can follow this link:

As part of our Elf on the Shelf tradition, Oooooh the Elf makes breakfast for my kids the first morning that he shows up. Here are mini-pancakes, mini-donuts, and an 8-oz can of Sprite. The spatula is from our toy kitchen.

Here is the Elf with hairbows clipped all over him, peeking out of the bow drawer.
This one was our favorite. This is a little potty that came with a potty doll, I placed it on top of the toilet in our powder room. And of course, a Hershey Kiss makes excellent 'Elf Poop'.
Again, on the toilet, hiding in the toilet paper rolls.
Again, on the top of the toilet (the bathroom was a great place that the Elf wasn't in the way too much and it wasn't too temping to want to touch him in there) Ooooooh has an 'owie', Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment.
 I used my kids' washcloths to wrap the Elf up. I put a hair elastic around the bottom the washrags to hold the towel turban in place and the keep the towel around his body.
I hung Elf on the mirror with snowflakes and kiddie scissors. Then the next day my daughter and I made her first paper snowflakes together. It was a fun winter activity inspired by the Elf.
This is Ooooooh and one of my daughter's toy dolls getting busy under the mistletoe :) I have them on top of a chalkboard so they could be under the mistletoe, but not anywhere in the way or too tempting to touch the Elf.
Here is the Elf in a microwave popcorn box with a TV remote and the Kindle on Netflix. The Elf was watching a Barbie cartoon (he loves the ladies.) I would do this again in front of TV that wasn't used much throughout the day. And my kids enjoyed the popcorn the next day too.
 The Elf is wrapped up in a doll blanket, to stay warm obviously, and was inside the fridge. This was super fun when my daughter found him in the fridge in the morning.
On this morning, the Elf left a note that he had hidden candy canes all over the house. They were taped near the stockings, in the doorways, on the fridge handle, etc. It was super fun when my daughter found them throughout the day. (She also used to have trouble eating her dinner, so he included in that in his note also, of course).
                                        FIND THE CANDY CANES

And this is just for fun, but I call it an S'elfie'


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