Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elf on the Shelf brings Gifts, Treats, and Fun

We had fun with our Elf on the Shelf last Christmas season. And sometimes (not everyday! don't worry) our Elf liked to bring a fun gift, toy, treat, etc. The gifts usually provided a fun winter activity for me and my daughter and also made very useful props for the Elf. (Sorry about my poor quality of photos)

The following are Elf on the Shelf ideas involving gifts, toys, and treats the Elf brings along. An Elf on the Shelf  'shopping list' is also listed along with the photos.

For some fun and creative Elf on the Shelf ideas that just use things that you have laying around the house, follow this link:

And for some quick and easy last minute Elf on the Shelf ideas, follow this link:
To Buy: A bag of Christmas M&Ms
Naughty little Elf getting into the bag of M&Ms. The hardest part of all this was my kids wanting to snack on the candy all day, but didn't want to touch the Elf.
To Buy: A Christmas paint box and book to color.
(Or a box and crayons and coloring book would work too)
The next few days my daughter had fun painting lots of winter schemes in her new book. 
To Buy: A new Christmas storybook
(or you could get some books from the library, with a note to return them for him when you're done enjoying the stories)
My daughter loved her new book, I think we read it every night before bed or nap up until Christmas!
To Buy: Christmas Sticker
This naughty Elf got stickers all over himself! My daughter loves stickers. This sticker book was a lot of fun for months to follow (it had over 600 stickers!) and provided many quiet moments in the car and at church.
To Buy: An advent calendar. Actually 2 advent calendars.
One calendar for the Elf, he opens all the windows and eats all the chocolate. A second advent calendar for my daughter for the remainder of the season. And this elf idea was used on the first of December.

To Buy: Kiddie safety scissors
The Elf made snowflakes and was holding the new safety scissors. The next day my daughter and I made her first paper snowflakes, it was a fun winter activity. Also, my daughter uses the scissors weekly and is working on her fine-motor skills.
To Buy: Candy Canes
The Elf left a note to find the hidden candy canes. There were candy canes hidden all over the house; taped near the stockings, in the doorways, on the fridge, in the blinds, etc. It was so fun for my daughter to find the candy canes throughout the day (and even some the following days too)


  1. So cute, your so funny! I love your ideas, very cute