Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Water Bottle Pumpkin


I made these super cute Water Bottle Pumpkins for my daughter's dance class for a Halloween treat. I figured that they would already get enough sugar and sweets from everyone else, so why not some cute, flavored water.

Easy, cheap, and cute. All I needed was water bottles with the labels peeled off, a black sharpie, orange-colored drink mix singles packets, ribbon (I used green, like a green stem of a pumpkin) and a hole punch.

Now even though these were super easy, it was a little bit time-consuming to draw all the faces on the water bottles. I do have a little bit of OCD tendencies, so I had a hard time when the faces were crooked. Just give yourself a little bit of time, about an hour or so.
Punch a hole in the top of the drink mix packet, tie it around the top of the bottle with the ribbon, and hand out to the kiddos, or even adults, at any party or gathering.

 And after the drink mix is added to the water, you will have a very cute, orange pumpkin.
P.S. I made these little pumpkins for a Cinderella Bridal Shower, they were so cute and fun! I will make them again for a Halloween party so I wanted to post them here too.
Peeled clementines and a little celery stick. So easy and so cute! They were a big hit.


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