Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cute Baby Shower

I threw a little baby shower for a couple of good friends in my neighborhood. One was having a boy, the other didn't know her baby's gender, and it was both their 3rd babies. We still wanted to celebrate them and their babies, but they both wanted something small and simple, so I tried to create something cute and sweet, yet simple.

I tried to use some blue for the baby boy, and I wanted a little bit of pink just in case the unknown gender baby was a girl.... And then I used lots of green and yellow (gender-neutrals).

My banners were fun- I love the "Happy Pushing" one on my wall. And I made one that said "Cravings" (pregnant women get LOTS of cravings) on my dessert table. I got a lot of compliments (and giggles) about the "Happy Pushing" banner too. Very fun. 


I make this fruit pizza for lots of different parties and showers. Its sugar cookies (which I order from my local grocery store bakery), softened cream cheese mixed into Cool whip, and choice of fruit. I could (and have) pre-made a bunch of these with the cream on each cookie and then fruit on top, however, I am lazy and lately I just place it all out and let people make their own "pizzas" with their choice of "toppings".

The "baby" centerpiece/decor is just Cricut letters cut out, hot glued to a stick, and stuck in a styrofoam square (I covered the styrofoam in paper). I reuse these styrofoam for lots of things-hold up letters or fun decretive shapes, candy/suckers. etc. You can put anything cute and on a stick!

I have lots of jars of candy filled with pink, blue, yellow, and green candies. This shower was in March and close to Easter, so it was easy to get fun colors of candy. The "?" on the jar (with both pink and blue candies in it) was for the unknown gender baby (who ended up being and ADORABLE baby boy! So fun!). Then i had blue candies in the "Oh Boy" jar.

These little diaper cakes were SUPER EASY and very fun. I had 4 of them out as decor and sent 2 home with each mom also.


Each diaper cake was made of 10-11 diapers. I rolled the first one up and held it with a tiny hair rubber band.

Then fan the remaining 9-10 diapers around the rolled up diaper. 

Until it is in a circle like this. 

Use another rubber band to hold it together.

Then I put a thick ribbon around the cake, holding it with a dot of hot-glue. I added a thinner ribbon through the middle. 

I thought about adding some little half cone-balls on top of the cake for more decor... I can't remember if I actually kept the cone thing on top of this cake or not.... But it would also be cute with a little flower arrangement or even a cute stick or some other "cake topper" on it too. The possibilities are endless. 

The shower went great! We had a fun time with all the girls and celebrating new babies, and this was really simple and fun to put together.

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