Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Mooning Scarecrow

I  saw a Mooning Scarecrow on Canyon Road in Cedar Hills last weekend, and I fell in love with him! I instantly had to have my very own, so he turned into this week's project.

Farmer Steve


For the Legs: (this is what I did to easily stake them in the ground, you could stake the 2X4's into the ground another way too)

  • A 2x4 (I got one 8 foot 2x4 and my husband cut it into 2 "legs")
  • Two -1/2 inch PVC pipes
  • Four -1/2 inch galvanized steel pipe strap
  • Two -2 foot rebar
  • Drill and screws
For the rest of him:
  • Two pumpkins (I used fake craft pumpkins because I'm keeping him out through Thanksgiving)
  • Old pair of pants
  • Old pair of shoes
  • Old shirt
  • Stuffing for shirt (I used a clear, plastic tote/bin, no lid. Last year I used paper bags, crumbled up)
  • Some sort of farm tool for him to "rest on"
  • 2 safety pins


For the Legs:

  • Using a drill and some screws, attach the pipe to each 2X4 like the picture below.

  • The you can easy hammer the rebar into the ground and then slide 2X4 onto the rebar.
(I used this same technique to stake my Harvest Moon sign in next to the Mooning Scarecrow.)

For the rest of him:

  • Slide pants over 2X4's.
  • We cut holes in the bottom of the pumpkins and slide them onto the tops of the 2X4's.
  • Adjust pants around the pumpkins
  • Stuff shirt and attach it: we have him "leaning" on a farm tool, that's what's holding his "shoulders" up, but there a few different ways you can do it.
  • I safety pinned the end of the sleeves, to the pants, and the bottom of the shirt on each side to hold in place.

I staked my Harvest Moon sign in right next to Farmer Steve. I'm in love.

I feel like Farmer Steve doubles as a Halloween and a Thanksgiving decoration too.

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  1. Hello, How did you make the harvest moon sign?